Focus on Small Ruminant Mastitis

“Focus on Small Ruminant Mastitis” will take place in Porto Conte Ricerche in June 14-16, 2018. The event will offer opportunities for training, update and discussion on small ruminant mastitis, presenting and discussing causes, diffusion and management in the Mediterranean, European, and Extra-European context. “Focus on Small Ruminant Mastitis” is open to researchers, professionals, technicians, students, farmers and producers working with dairy small ruminants.

The official language will be English. However, translation to and from Italian will be available to enable full participation to the lectures and discussions.


The event will feature:

Plenary Lectures – general lectures on etiology, epidemiology, diagnosis, control and farm management.

Updates – technological and diagnostic updates.

Discussions – discussion at the end of each presentation and general discussion at the end of each session.

Practicals – farm visit with problem-solving activities. Illustration on how to perform a CMT and how to collect milk and environmental samples. Discussions on milking machine operations and pitfalls, farm management strategies.

Farmers’ and producers’ perspectives – Sheep and goat farmers will provide their perspective on the disease and on the impact and management of mastitis in their farms. Cheese producers will also provide their perspectives and experiences.

Update on research – The last day will be open to further 100 participants upon free registration. The lecturers will provide a perspective on the last findings in mastitis research and on the most recent results obtained by Porto Conte Ricerche and its network of collaborations. 

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