Mi.P.R.A. Project


Minimally Processed Refrigereted Artichoke

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Research centre: Porto Conte Ricerche Srl


The project aims to develop 12 prototypes of minimally processed refrigerated (MPR) saridinian artichoke (fresh, fourth range and fifth range of four varieties), which will be tested in little market test. The MPR foods are in greater demand than ever before, because of the new model of food consumption (quickness, easiness), of their satisfactory shelf life and their excellent preservation of organoleptic characteristics.

In particular, the fourth range (washed and cut vegetables ready for raw consumption or ready to be consumed after cooking) and the fifth range (pre-cooked vegetables, not frozen, that can be kept without adding preservative or dressings) are now the most important growth factor of the fruit and vegetable sector.

For each of the four varieties of artichoke, the project will develop a fresh-refrigerated sample, a fourth range sample (15 days of shelf life) and a fifth range one (at least 45 days of shelf life). To do that, Porto Conte Ricerche is going to collaborate with several local agricultural companies that will learn this new production system thanks to some seminars.


Develop 3 minimally processed refrigerated (MPR) prototypes for each of the four varieties of artichoke chosen, studying the best packaging and the product's shelf life.

Expected results

  • 12 MPR products that companies will be able to test in some markets

  • Long-term result: growthing of an agricultural hub that can produce and process “farm-to-fork” sardinian artichokes

Funding system

Sardegna Ricerche

Project timing

12 months.


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