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The introduction in global markets of some traditional Sardinian food products (such as bread, pasta and sweets) is curbed by their limited shelf life, the time period in which food retains acceptable sensorial, chemical, physical and microbiological features, remaining healthy and safe for consumers.

Products' shelf life depends on several factors such as their characteristics, the process of production, their packaging and the environmental preservation's conditions. One of the major factors of food contamination is in fact mold formation, which is also at the basis of the great number of returned goods and of the use of refrigerated systems during storage and transport.

Food packaging can reduce or even remove this problem, but today there isn't any satisfying solution: the Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) is not able to totally eliminate the oxigen (necessary for the development of aerobic microorganisms, such as molds), while artificial additives are not appreciated by consumers.

The active packaging that is going to be studied in this research responds perfectly to all these requirements because it can help to extend shelf life and retain freshness and genuineness. Thanks to this innovative packaging system, it will be possible to bring the oxygen concentration below 0.2% reducing airborne contamination and the risk of some oxidation phenomena such as loss of flavours or colors' variation.


The aim of this research is to produce mold free foods and extend their shelf life thanks to an active packaging technology that can eliminate the oxigen inside the wrap.

Expected results

  • Development of an active packaging system for at least 3-4 typical sardinian food products

  • Increasing of yeld and exports thanks to the extended shelf life

  • Increasing of sales and employment

  • Improving of company's image (high quality markets)

  • Less returned goods

  • Less use of refrigerated systems

Funding system

Sardegna Ricerche

Project timing

18 months

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