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Bioecopest srl is involved in the research, development and marketing of innovative natural and eco-friendly products: biopesticides for the biological containment of organisms harmful to crop plants, ornamental plants, animals or living beings. Harmful parasites often cause serious economic damage to agri-food production and health risks for living beings. This is the reason behind the need for containment programmes, which unfortunately normally involve the use of chemical pesticides, with significant risk to the environment and human health. Bioecopest intends to market its products at competitive prices as an effective alternative to the use of conventional chemical pesticides. In 2009, the project team that created the company entered the Start Cup Sardegna competition and the National Award for Innovation, and took first prize in both. As a result, Bioecopest attracted the attention of investors and business angels, who closely follow the activities of the group of young researchers who founded it.

Skills and technologies

Bioecopest aims to enter market segments with few organic solutions as a first mover, and is the only biopesticide company in the world that focuses specifically on pests in livestock farming, with a patent already available in its portfolio.

In addition to its know-how and patent for a natural bio-fly killer, Bioecopest works in collaboration with international scientists and companies already established in the global market.

The technologies used by the company are essentially based on the isolation of a specific natural enemy of the harmful organism within the environment, such as the agent of a bacterial, viral or fungal disease that causes the death of the pest. Once the active ingredient is discovered, it is then used to develop a new natural formula which is harmless to humans and the environment.

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Telephone: +39 079 998 400 
Email address: [email protected]
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