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Area3, founded as the development of a project that began in Piedmont in 2004, deals with movement of all kinds. It provides services for the assessment of human neuromuscular performance, consultancy in the R&D of specific new technologies, and support for basic research, training and updating on topics related to human movement. It intends to become a special high-profile centre for skills, equipment, location and contacts in order to enhance its corporate know-how over time. Area 3 srl, based in Porto Conte Ricerche since October 2009, is the promoter of the Alghero Top Training project. The initiative, born from the synergy between the various players involved in Porto Conte Ricerche and local entrepreneurs, combines sport and technology in a natural setting of eminent attraction. Thanks also to collaboration with the Advanced Imaging and Motion Analysis laboratory of the University of Sassari (AIMA), Area 3 srl offers a comprehensive approach to all aspects of movement, analysing it from a range of perspectives: bioengineering, medical, rehabilitation, disability, etc. To achieve this, the company uses the most advanced technologies available in the field: kinetic and kinematic analysis, virtual reality, isokinetics, balance and dynamic force analyses, and surface EMG.

Skills and technologies

1. Assessment of human neuromuscular performance: the range of equipment enables assessment of biomechanics, motion kinematics, muscle strength, balance and the electrical activity of muscles. The availability of this information allows it to be immediately applied in intervention strategies for rehabilitation, sports, forensics, preventative medicine, disability therapy, etc. Area 3 can also provide on-site assessment services, thanks to its fully mobile units with portable equipment.

2. Assessment of human performance in relation to environmental factors and equipment: the available instrumentation provides analysis of the effects on performance of environmental factors, such as playing surfaces, and the objects used, such as footwear, aids and sports equipment.

3. Consulting services for the development, implementation and validation of methods (protocols) and materials (equipment) to improve motor performance: in addition to the facilities at the centre, companies in the sector can also take advantage of the multidisciplinary approach offered by Area 3 for the development of new products and the improve of existing ones.

4. Training and professional specialisation: the logistical context of Porto Conte Ricerche, which combines workshops and reception facilities in a highly attractive setting, make it an ideal place for the dissemination of cultural, professional and scientific information. Courses and workshops can be organised on motor performance assessment methods and other movement-related topic, such as rehabilitation, athletic training, injury prevention, etc.

5. Material testing: products linked to the measurement of performance, as well as other types of products (shoes, surfaces, clothing, etc.), can be analysed in order to optimise their characteristics in terms of ergonomics and biomechanics.

6. Support services for scientific activity: Area 3 offers assistance with the preparation and implementation of scientific research projects financed by public and private institutions.

Contact information

Telephone: +39 079 998.410 
Email address: [email protected]


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