The field of research with its interest and investment focused on craft beer is relatively young but is involved in a rapidly expanding market. There are currently more than 900 microbreweries and brewpubs in Italy, 23 of which are in Sardinia.

Porto Conte Ricerche is the first research centre in Sardinia to engage in activities on behalf of the regional brewing system. A survey of this rapidly growing phenomenon began in 2008, culminating in the cluster project “Process and product innovation in craft beers” in 2009. This initiative was aimed at monitoring local production in order to provide useful information to improve the production and marketing of craft beers. The survey included studies on the shelf life of the products, identifying critical factors during the production phases. Issues were also addressed related to the development of certain products intended for long maturation, through an evaluation of the aroma profile.

Over the following years, in response to the needs of producers involved in the research activities at the Centre, attention was directed toward the characterisation of local raw materials, such as hops and barley. More recently, the objective has been to provide manufacturers with appropriate tools for monitoring the production system, through the use of biosensors.

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