SIOPROFO - Use of ovine whey powder to produce bakery products

Deputed officers

Temporary Business Association between Agriculture Department of Università degli Studi di Sassari and Porto Conte Ricerche s.r.l.


Bakery products made in Sardinia are already sold in the large-scale retail channel in all Italy. One of the main critical issues of this kind of export is the product's qualitative change: in fact, the shelf life can be extended thanks to new packaging technology but the high quality is actually guaranteed for a few days.

To avoid the use of chemical additives, that consumers find disagreeable, the project aims to extend bakery products' high quality period by using a by-product of cheese manufacturing: the ovine whey powder.

After setting the production process, the righ amount of whey will be estimated and new formulations will be able to be produced. Later, the high quality period will be evaluated. The same procedure will be utilized for other kind of bakery products.


The project aims to produce bakery products with ovine whey powder, in order to optimize the production process and increase the high quality period.

Expected results

  • Development of new products (both bread and sweets) made with ovine whey powder and optimization of the production process

  • Growthing of exports

  • Creating of a food supply chain between Alimenta Srl and bakery products' companies

Funding system

Sardegna Ricerche

Project timing

18 months




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