Bakery products

The bakery products sector in Sardinia includes various types of traditional cakes and breads, produced by several companies, most of which are small (family size), with some of medium dimensions.

With regard to bread, Sardinia has a long tradition of durum wheat cultivation and of bread making. Some traditional products, such as Carasau bread, are famous all over the world and are produced by companies that export to Italy and to other countries. All the flour varieties used are produced by mills within the region, although only a part of the wheat that is milled is grown in Sardinia.

The industry is faced with various problems, ranging from an incomplete knowledge of the raw materials and their suitability for various bakery products to a growing need to extend the shelf life of the products and improve their quality.

For this industrial sector, Porto Conte Ricerche conducts studies on the shelf life of durum wheat flour and of the various traditional bread varieties, and develops bread-making systems based on the use of natural yeast. With regard to traditional confectionery products, one of the main problems expressed by bakeries is that of extending their shelf life. The acceptance of the products by mass retail chains requires a shelf life that, in the case of traditional cakes, can only be achieved through special production and packaging systems. Thus Porto Conte Ricerche intervenes to support companies that need to extend the shelf life of their products, both with technical advice and the development of research projects aimed at increasing the product shelf life.

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