Livestock productions

Livestock production is a vital element of Sardinia’s agricultural economy, accounting for over 70% of the sector’s entire annual added value. Porto Conte Ricerche is engaged in R&D activities for fish farming (see section on Mariculture) but is also deeply involved in the sector of small ruminant productions.

Sheep and goats are the main livestock species in Sardinia, with over 3 million sheep and almost 300,000 goats, accounting for 42% and 30% of the respective national totals. Sheep and goats are mainly farmed in Sardinia for the production of milk, which is almost entirely used for cheese making. Given the importance of this sector, it is essential to provide tools that allow the monitoring and improvement of the parameters affecting animal health and productivity, as well as for ensuring the quality of milk and dairies.

Adding to animal health, the contribution of Porto Conte Ricerche in terms of experimentation, research and innovation in this field covers also several technological and functional aspects of dairy products. Concerning animal health, the research and development activities carried out in the centre have enabled the identification of new markers for mastitis, a disease with a significant impact on the amount and quality of milk produced, with relevant economic consequences for the farmers.

As a result, novel diagnostic systems are now being implemented that enable the early and sensitive detection of the disease, with devices specifically adapted for use in the field or in the laboratory. As for the technological aspects, the Proteomics and Diagnostic Systems Laboratories have developed analytical methods enabling the detailed analysis of the milk protein composition, a factor directly related to milk quality and cheese yield. Concerning functional aspects, important results have been obtained in the characterisation of bioactive peptides that are found in Sardinian cheese in relation to production process variables, and specifically to the use of raw milk rather than heat-treated milk for cheesemaking.

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