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ViroStatics, a privately owned company founded in 2005, has its main headquarters in Sassari and its laboratories at the Porto Conte Ricerche complex of the Science and Technology Park of Sardinia, in the Tramilgio area of Alghero. The business development section of the company also operates in North America.

The main focus of ViroStatics’ research and development is the development of drugs in the field of viral infections, tumours and inflammatory diseases, areas with medical treatment needs beyond the reach of currently available drugs. These innovative drugs target a human protein that plays a key role in the processes of viral infection, oncogenesis and inflammation. The ViroStatics laboratories have developed methodologies in the field of cell culture, flow cytometric analysis and virology to allow an effective selection of candidate compounds for development with optimal activity and toxicity profiles. The projects currently in progress involve drugs for the treatment of:

1) patients affected by human immunodeficiency virus (in a preclinical phase, with the start of human trials expected by the end of 2015)

2) the herpes virus (compound selection phase)

3) human papillomavirus (compound selection phase), cancer and inflammation (both projects in the initial research phase)

The ViroStatics management includes several prominent figures with extensive experience in the field of science and industry, and is supported by a top level scientific committee. ViroStatics is actively seeking partners companies for the out-licensing of products in its areas of interest.

Contact information
Telephone: +39 079 998.639
Email address: [email protected]


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S.P. 55 Porto Conte - Capo Caccia
km 8,400 Loc. Tramariglio
07041 Alghero (SS) Italy
​​Postal address: Porto Conte Ricerche S. r. l. - Casella Postale 84 07040 Santa Maria La Palma (SS) – Italy
Ph [+39] 079 998400 - Fax [+39] 079 998567
Email [email protected]