The School will include theoretical lectures and practical activities, and will be held in English.
Lectures will cover the following topics:

1 - Understanding mastitis:
Immunity of the mammary gland
Etiology of mastitis
Epidemiology of mastitis
The milk microbiome: methods and perspectives

2 - Detecting mastitis:
The value of SCC in the different dairy species
On-farm and laboratory culture
Novel immunoassays for the field and the laboratory

3 - Controlling mastitis:
Mastitis control measures
Intramammary antibiotic therapy and alternatives to antibiotics

Practical activities will include:
Visit to the facilities for the development of field and laboratory diagnostic test in Porto Conte Ricerche.
Visit to the omic facilities in Porto Conte Ricerche
Farm visit – dairy ewes
Farm visit – dairy cows


M. Filippa Addis, University of Milan
Massimo Amadori, IZSLER
Luigi Bertocchi, IZSLER
Valerio Bronzo, University of Milan
Agnese Cannas, IZS Sardegna, National Reference Center for Sheep and Goat Mastitis
Sarne de Vliegher, Gent University
Simone Dore, IZS Sardegna
George C. Ftenakis,  University of Thessaly
Volker Kromker, University of Hannover
Stefano Lollai, IZS Sardegna
Paolo Moroni, University of Milan and Cornell University
George Oikonomou, University of Liverpool
Toni Prenafeta, Hipra Spain
Pamela Ruegg, University of Wisconsin
Ynte Schukken, GD-Animal Health
Alessandro Tanca, Porto Conte Ricerche
Sergio Uzzau, University of Sassari and Porto Conte Ricerche

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