RISPAF Project

RISPAF - Use of a sterile filling at prolonged storage for the production of fresh filled pasta

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Porto Conte Ricerche


Ravioli and Culurgiones are the best known fresh filled pasta made in Sardinia. The main issue of this kind of products is their short shelf life, which may differ from 5 days for the unpacked fresh pasta to 30 days for the pasteurized one. Ravioli and Culurgiones in fact display problems related to the development of microrganisms on the dough and in the filling, and this phenomena can be in part managed by pasteurization and packaging at modified atmosphere (MAP).

The ohmic heating is one of the most important innovation in the field of food technology. The ohmic treatment of filling can be an efficient solution because it can help to make a sterile filling with high organoleptic qualities. Through the use of this treatment, the project aims to obtain a sterile filling, based on potatoes or ricotta (whey cheese), which can be kept for one year at least. Moreover this technology is rather cheap and it doesn't affect production costs.

Thanks to this treatment, companies will be able to increase their competitiveness and reduce processing time in fresh filled pasta production, having a filling sterile and storable for a long time.


The project aims to produce Ravioli and Culurgiones' fillings through the use of ohmic heating technology, in order to extend the shelf life of fresh filled pasta.

Expected results

  • Achieving of sterile fillings, preservable for one year at least, which can be used to prepare Ravioli and Culurgiones

  • Lengthening of fresh pasta's shelf life and, consequently, increase local companies' competitiveness

  • Reducing of pasteurization time and cost production

  • Creating of a new company specialized in the ohmic-heating treatment of foods

Funding system

Sardegna Ricerche

Project timing

18 months



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