QUALIFYORE - New tools for the protection and the enhancement of Fiore Sardo DOP

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Fiore Sardo is, with Pecorino Romano and Pecorino Sardo, one of the PDO (Protected Designation Origin) sardinian cheeses.

The production's technical policy states that it has to be made from raw milk, but in the present global market is very difficult to tell this kind of cheese from others that are made from pasteurized milk, also because of food falsification.

Moreover, due to the lack of analytical data, it's not currently possible to identify the nutritional characteristics of Fiore Sardo DOP, a profile that could be used for the promotion and the enhancement of this cheese.

In order to protect the PDO and identify some specific features that can be spent in promotional campaigns, the project aims first to develop a method for fast and non-invasive analysis to tell cheeses made with raw milk from others, and then to investigate and quantify the bioactive peptides, in order to describe the beneficial effects on consumer's health.

These parameters and the application of the new investigation method will improve the brand and also contribute to the fight against food frauds.


The project aims to protect the PDO trademark of Fiore Sardo by developing a method able to verify food falsification and a study of its nutritional characteristics.

Expected results

  • Development of a method for fast and non-invasive analysis to tell cheeses made with raw milk from others. This system could be used by companies, producers associations and monitoring organisations

  • Editing of a panel of bioactive peptides that can be used as a marketing strategy for the promotion of Fiore Sardo

Funding system

Sardegna Ricerche

Project timing

18 months




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