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Founded in 2010 in the incubator for innovative businesses at the Polytechnic University of Turin, Aqvatech Engineering began its entrepreneurial adventure with the Virtual Trainer project, involving a highly innovative tool that uses LED technology to monitor the performance of swimmers in training. The company’s objective is to develop high-tech solutions to meet the needs of the sporting world. Aqvatech Engineering has targeted three of these needs in particular:

- improving the quality of training

- Improving the visibility and appeal of sporting events

- increasing safety standards.

 Aqvatech Engineering has been working at the Porto Conte Ricerche in Sardinia since May 2012. It is developing research projects for sensing movement in water, in collaboration with Area 3 srl, also established at Porto Conte.

Skills and technologies

In addition to the Virtual Trainer project, the company is diversifying its activities, using LED technology in a range of new projects. There are several applications: from diving safety, using LEDs to indicate the position of the divers and the point of return to the boat, to illuminated lines on the surface of a water polo pool.

Products, services and applications

- Virtual Trainer allows real time monitoring of the performance of swimmers during training. The working principle is based on the possibility of programming and recording all aspects of training through the use of exclusive software, and sending this information wirelessly to an LED circuit on the pool bottom. The system is activated at the start of the training session, allowing the athlete to keep a constant check on the flow of lights, for real-time awareness of whether the current pace is on target, or is too fast or slow.

 - Waterpolo Visual System is a system of lights that mark the lines on a water polo pool. It uses LED light sources located inside and outside the field of play to indicate the pool lines and update the athletes, referees, jury, spectators and television viewers on the progress of the game in real time.

 - Aqvalight allows divers to easily find the point of return to the surface, through the use of an LED circuit fixed to the anchor cable.

 - Pool’s Lights is another proposal by Aqvatech that allows the remote lighting of private pools, with the possibility of programming spectacular light and colour displays.

Contact details

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